Monday, August 27, 2012

my month in a nutshell!

I have a new transmission (thanks to jane & steve), sandia means watermelon in Spanish, my mom had a blast at her 40th high school reunion in albuquerque, wood spoons from surfas rock (so do wood ice cream spoons from the triebwassers), I'm addicted to mani/ pedis, corsage making, dodgers vs. cubs, I got an invitation to Lola's 5th birthday party (it's hello kitty themed & I can't wait), oyster-a-thons are so fun, 4242 jasmine street is a cute house, our range rover used to be named duchess bessie, hillary's b-day is this thursday (8/30) - send her a card!, family reunions at will rogers are pretty cool, jessica's best feature is her smile, happy birthday jen!, my dad likes to body surf a lot, I like abbot's salad pizza, we have a dart board, walter seems to be getting good at the dog door, I like to eat, I memorized the scalloped potatoes recipe when I wrote it 25 times, having faux eyelashes is the way to go, bachelorette party planning, an ikea run, pantone iphone covers are en vogue, carolyn is looking foxy, vitamin are good for you, picture hanging, frame shopping, succulent searching, shopping sprees, dillan started private school (oooh la la), I heart maria, mia is still with child, the mini polaroid is sweeping the nation, I miss seeing the garlocks, my parents are simply the best, go to the bungalow, aunt becky is super cool, little miss mccartney is almost 4 years old (8/29), missy's shower ensemble was striking, we had a heat wave, pali house has nice cuban tile, mar vista is pretty cute, coolant is $50 at the national/ centinela gas station (rip off),  missy's bridal shower was fab, walter loves malibu, 2nd anniversaries are dreamy & my parents are moving to california!

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Anonymous said...

It would take a pretty big nutshell to contain the numerous activities of your busy life...the only logical one being the coco de mer (nut of the sea) that is found on the Seychelles Islands near Madagascar. It holds the title of the biggest nut in the world (45 pounds) and could just barely hold the summary of your frantic, fun-filled month.