Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I love having my MOM down the street!

It's been so fabulous having my MOM so close by for the last 6 days (my DAD arrived this morning so things are getting even better)!! Highlights include, but are not limited to: seriously talking about them moving back, writing & mailing greeting cards to Dillan (one per day), food trucks, we ran into our favorites (mia, dahlia, johonna & the godofskys) @ the farmers market, ate home girl tacos, loaded up on produce, hit ikea in carson (cow hide rug, striped napkins, ice cream cone & a ton of swedish groceries), edible flowers, transmission woes, missy's shower meeting, omusubi, reel inn, strawberry water, an anawalt run, plant shopping, re-arranging, picture hanging, laundry, high fives, champagne, made pizzas, old topanga driving, learning about parking permits, sewing lessons, thrifting at hidden treasures (thanks mom for the cool new mexican top), eyelash extensions in a sketchy part of town, string light hanging, walter's dog door installation & lessons using ham, olympics, a few whole foods runs, making aunt jill cry, bicycling, yummy groundworks peach iced tea, we got a cute umbrella for paige's house, vitamin talk and lots of hugging!

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