Thursday, July 19, 2012

my mom will be here in one week, richard simmons is announcing audition info tonight for his next round of sweating to the oldies DVDs (OMG could you imagine how radical a staring role would be?), I talked to dillan today - she's the ultimate cutest, "north by northwest" & fish tacos happened last night, missy's bridal shower is in exactly one month, gmail alerted me that an argentinian hijacker was attempting to use my email address, walter's excited for his dog door, we ordered fancy string lights (good ones with real bulbs) for our yard & a super cute lime green umbrella (it matches our house)!!!

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Anonymous said...

If I read correctly.. your gmail alerter might be confusing the heavily accented spanish ( think Italian lilt ) spoken in Argentina. "Hijacker" translates as pirata and/or secuestrador, while "Hacker" translates also as pirata ..and/or ciberpirata. Could be you have a ciberpirata problem with your email security. Meanwhile I will now sing selected tunes from Evita.