Friday, July 27, 2012

I heart my Mom!

My Mom arrived yesterday to Los Angeles (my Dad joins her next Wednesday)! They'll be living 5 minutes away in Paige's super cute bungalow for A MONTH! I honestly feel like I've died & gone to heaven!!!!! I took the day off & we had a majorly productive first day: I showed her where the closest In-N-Out is located, she tried omusubi (japanese sandwich), we figured out the best route to the beach (2 blocks), showed her my house, we stocked up on groceries at whole foods, hired Jenny's maid for the month, hit target for essentials, she got me the usual starbucks gift card (she is so sweet & gets me one whenever I see her), she was able to convince my Dad that they need to come to the rescue & get my transmission fixed, she suggested she be my personal assistant for the month (great suggestion - love it!), made appointments to get eyelash extensions, she decided she wants to move here, we got her rental car AND had a manicure/ pedicure!!!

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