Thursday, July 12, 2012

hardwood floor woes!

our hardwood floors were refinished days before we moved & it seems the top coat may have been water based & the stain an oil base BECAUSE the floor started peeling immediately. we found little clear top coat flakes EVERYWHERE (our furniture, faces, walter, bedding) - it was so awful & looked terrible. last saturday we moved out (we only move in 2 weeks ago) & the landlord had the fellas scrape off the top coat (twice). the floors look a lot better but it's still happening in a very minor way. UGH!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the floor problem. It sparks a memory of a junior high school science demonstration where I poured motor oil and water in a coke bottle and shook it rapidly...water molecules and oil molecules do not like each other, and will not "hold hands" ( Mr. Kaufman's explanation ). Your landlord tried a more elaborate science project...same result.