Monday, July 23, 2012

and in recent news...

my bangs were cut too short & super crooked (eek!), Jane arrives Thursday morning @ 7:30am (I'm taking the morning off to hug her & get her all situated in the Santa Monica bungalow my parents will call home for a month), mussels & lobster & bravehearts @ tasting kitchen = perfect date, the outdoor string bulb lights we ordered arrive tomorrow, Katie & Audra's house is adorable, all our neighbors seem fantastic, I'm painting the wall behind our bed with black chalkboard paint tonight, Omusubi is beyond delicious, spotted: Penn Badgley on main street Friday night (xoxo gossip girl), I took a trip to ikea yesterday for a butcher block chop black cart & striped napkins, ordered a navy gingham duvet cover (could you just die?) and we got a dog door & a jig saw!

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