Monday, July 30, 2012


As a member of the DIEM event committee, I helped to organize our first creative council event at Cecconi's, at which a savvy group of LA design influencers came together to participate on the direction of DIEM’s content. DIEM, Design Intersects Everything Made, is a one-day symposium to inspire, educate and encourage integral design on October 5, 2012. As an incubator for relevant, cutting-edge design dialogue, we are dedicated to producing a brand new experience – a platform where the exchange of ideas reign supreme. Captains and enthusiasts of the design industries are invited to engage with one another and cross-pollinate, through a series of events that will combine the intelligence and beauty of good design. Culturally resonating discussions, forums, presentations and keynotes from leaders in the fields of design, decorative arts, fashion, architecture, fine arts and culinary arts will explore, evaluate and inspire breakthroughs for the business of creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Zach is cool with "cross-pollinating one another"?? It seems like his liberal tolerence has grown somewhat over the last ..what is it now? year and 11 months.