Saturday, June 2, 2012

pull yourself up to speed!

My office is enforcing summer hours where we get out on Fridays @ 2pm (yay summer!, boo unpaid forced vacation!), Catherine moved to Chicago for the summer to be with her hubby Chris while he shoots Chicagolicious!, happy 30th birthday to my favorite Triebwasser (until July 14th), happy 7th anniversary to karen & terry, I've been richarding a lot, palm springs on Wednesday for my 36th birthday!!!, today we were inviting to will roger's state park to watch a polo match (hello fancy!), Shayna's bridal shower is in 28 days, do you want to sweat to the oldies with me & richard next Saturday (the class will be singing to me & it's voices from heaven week - whitney, donna, etc.)?

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Anonymous said...

While other less fortunates on thw east coast jockey for position to secure a prime rental in West Tisbury( Martha's Vineyard), or West Kill Mountain ( the Catskills), our clever couple find a "cozy" in West Venice (Santa Monica Bay!!)...the Best of the West. Is there a parking spot for mom and dad?