Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last night I got the final items out of the garage at our old place & our deposit check back, I met Missy for a dress hand off today (a possibility for Shayna's Smog Shoppe wedding with a high bun?), I was invited to Jessica's baby shower on August 4th (she's having a girl), my parents will be here in no time staying @ Paige's Santa Monica bungalow (Paigey- thanks again for making me soooo very happy), we're back in bay cities territory, yay Terry got a job @ Lola's, I can't wait for S & J's wedding or to meet the mahjongs, I've been working some crazy long hours at a jobsite in brentwood this week & I don't have the energy to unpack when I get home, I call anything from the salad bar/ serve yourself food are of whole foods "goop", Shayna's bridal shower is on Saturday which makes me very excited, I plan on painting my front door Benjamin Moore's Soot, I fainted 2 weeks ago & have a big bump/ hook nose, Walter got groomed & looks not so cute, which reminds me... there are all new photos up on Walter's blog!!! I HEART WALTER 

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Anonymous said...

Walter is loving life, I can see it in his eye..."my master is happy, my tummy is full, and I have this new house to live in". As for the bad haircut day, Walter can quote his scottish proverb.. "Ye canna make a silk purse of a sows lug!!"