Wednesday, May 30, 2012

happy memorials days!

you're probably getting board of hearing about all the oysters & shaken pina coladas I consume, but it's just the way it is! memorial day weekend was lovely & I hope yours was too! highlights include, but are not limited to: dark room, oysters & pina coladas @ son of a gun, tom bergins to check out the remodel (& have an irish coffee), jogging, baking bacon in the oven, scavenger hunt clue development, farmers market, happy belated 5th anniversary to mia & gavin!, a tour of the newly remodeled anthropologie, serious dog walking, lime green vs. yellow, making a garland for my cake, a super fun bbq @ hillary's, dog overload, the scannells are tan from their weekend in palm springs, jaime's office is moving to burbank so her crazy SM commute is over (yay! for her), got any good boy names for mia's baby?, meeting my brother's 5th grade gf at the dodger game, convincing paige to rent her SM house to us for the month of july, sunning, a sandwich split, the king's speech & running into avery at the dodger game!

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