Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I super heart charm bracelets!

I super heart charm bracelets. I have a 10 commandments charm bracelet my mom had as a little girl, one from a thrift store that has charms spelling out atlantic city (this one is rad), another I got at a garage sale with cult diet charms of a refrigerator & scale with sayings like don't over eat you are fat, one with an outdoorsy theme (deer, moose, bear, etc.) that missy gave AND NOW A NEW ONE MY MOM JUST SENT - she found this SILHOUETTE charm bracelet in a big bag of costume jewelry she had never opened that belonged to my great grandma, Cecil Maude Beecham (Garnie's mom)! each charm (there are seven) represents a grandchild with their name & birth date. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it & appreciate it so!

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