Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I sent this to the Game Show Network today...

Dearest Game Show Network,

I am hoping to get a copy of the Newlywed Game episode my parents were on to surprise them for their 39th anniversary this July. Any help in obtaining this would be greatly appreciated.

My parents, Jane & Steve Taylor, were on the Newlywed Game in 1973 (they don't know the exact date, but I believe it was taped in October & aired in November 1973) & THEY WON! - after coming back from last place with the bonus question. They were picked by the producers to be on the show after my dad said his favorite sandwich was a hamburger & my mom looked at him weird & said, "A hamburger isn't a sandwich - A sandwich, as a rule, has to be on square bread!" My whole life I have heard the stories, they have acted out their win (with a question they both answered wrong, but their wrong answer matched!) - they have a cassette tape that is all melted that we used to listen to (they recorded it onto cassette off the TV) - they are still the cutest couple around and so in love! It would be so funny to see the 1973 episode after listening to the cassette tape version! They won a camper (which they sold to some guy who died right away), 10 speed bikes (which fell apart riding down sunset blvd to the beach), a detangler comb (but mom mom had short hair), some bad slacks and all sorts of other weird things! All they really wanted was a vacuum (no vacuum was presented to them) - They were couple #1. One of the couples on their show was caught cheating so they had to stop the show & get the runner up. Bob Eubanks called my mom JAN instead of Jane the whole time.

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Anonymous said...

Jane's statement many years ago on the sandwich/square bread issue is just a reminder of the long running conundrum that asks, " Why do they make round lunch food and sell square bread?" It is encouraging to see that this deeply seeded cultural dilemma does not weaken human relationships, and that the overused hyperbole (I'm guilty here), "We can agree to disagree" still remains the gold standard for long and happy marriages... We celebrated our 35th on Tuesday!