Tuesday, April 10, 2012


my favorite teacher ANN at slimmons studio only teaches monday, wednesday & friday @ 11am and I have a job which keeps us apart ! I know she's my fav because she substituted twice for regularly scheduled richard simmon's classes. ANN's a real aerobics teacher (approx. 55 yrs old) & doesn't tell the same stories & jokes which take up a lot of time (like richard). her classes are really hard & she really pushes me. there is something about ANN that makes me jump higher, use the 8 pound weights & really try to wow her. she's usually in the tuesday & thursday night classes richard teaches & I always try to set my pace by hers!! when I found out I had good friday off, I got excited to attend her super hard 11am class. SURPRISE! It turned out to be a STEP CLASS - which I've never been to. OMG!!! I am still sore, I felt like I was going to vomit multiple times & I've never been soooo sweaty! THIS CLASS WAS SOOOOO HARD!

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Anonymous said...

I am an assiduous work-out fanatic myself. I go on long walks with multiple pound weights on my back, stopping regularly to rotate my shoulder and hips..and pausing eighteen times per session to meditate the slope and contour of the earth (mentally exhausting, by the way!). Meg.. I share the pain.