Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm so excited!!!

dodger game on wednesday! sam & adrian are hosting a fabulous easter brunch! mia & her sister jessica are both pregnant & due 4 days apart (how crazy & radical is that?)! I'm excited to be going to tulsa next thursday to hang with jane & steve! danielle, alex & joy's 3rd annual trifecta birthday party is coming up real soon! danielle & I are having dinner @ escuela tomorrow night while the boys are at the laker game! the disney chimpanzee movie will be at el capitan theater & I want to go! I'll be horseback riding in SB at the end of the month with shayna! I'm so excited for paige & wes' housewarming party (my parents are renting their bungalow for the month of august) and I'm excited about an earth day brunch with my pals!

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Anonymous said...

I like Meg, a lot... She always seems in a metastable state of excitement. Think of my recent 30 foot birdie putt; the ball is struck solidly (Meg wakes up), the ball rolls up a slight incline to the top of a slippery ridge (Meg starts her day), and then the ball pauses momentarily (Meg experiences metastability..Meg has a cup of coffee) before it rolls down and drops into the cup for a sweet birdie( Meg gets excited about a bunch of random stuff!!). That is just one of the things I like about Meg.