Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I need to bring you up to speed!

my dad's hip surgery went well & he's in recovery, look for danielle & I at american idol tomorrow night (vip guests of steven tyler), picnik.com is shutting down (so sad), I just returned from a long weekend in tulsa (dates with my dad, tornado scares, pink bread for tea sandwiches, the best tuna salad from stone horse, family time, sushi, domino magazine, "salmon fishing in the yemen", bonding, etc.), saturday is the trifecta (danielle, joy & alex's bday party), bon voyage cocktails tonight for Paige (she's spending the summer in dallas with her family), walter got a haircut, I'm brunching with the gals on earth day and chloe kardashian is oj simpson's daughter! xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the southland, and it is good news that your Dad is doing well after his hip surgery! Sounds like your car needs a little battery surgery, and we (Mr. and Mrs. anon) wish a speedy recovery on that issue also.