Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am excited for...

my parent's to come for the whole month of august (talk about dreamy!!!), saturday horseback riding in santa barbara, danielle's birthday, the spruill's to name baby #3 one of the brilliant L names I came up with, retirement, my dad to walk like crazy with no hip or knee pain, trader joes african smoke seasoning blend, my scavenger hunt birthday, a maid in my future, paige to catch up on my blog (she had foot surgery today & will be recovering in dallas with her mom taking care of her), mia's babymoon (honeymoon for pregnant ladies) to kauai next wednesday, shayna's bridal shower (posting this on my blog guarantees me an invitation!!) & her cinco de mayo birthday & her wedding & my megan nameplate necklace to arrive in the mail (I had it fixed in tulsa, but we forgot to pick it up)

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