Friday, February 17, 2012

get yourself up to speed!

Whitney Houston died, I saw Evan Dixon driving an ambulance on Super Bowl Sunday, Madonna's half time performance had my foot tapping, instagram is neat, dinner @ musso & frank for Z's birthday was super fun, the bang trimmer @ ken pave thought I look like Rashida Jones, Walter ate a cedar block & a hair clip then threw up all night, I'll be in Solvang on Sunday (high of 61 degrees) if you need me, I got a mani pedi this evening, Mia's going to the academy awards, Jaime will be back east with her family for her birthday, I like the original farmer's market, I finally put away all things valentine, Brooke's baby is due April 24th and I'm going to be crying while watching "the vow" with Danielle, Alex, Joy & Kathleen on monday afternoon!!

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