Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loved Midnight in Paris!


Anonymous said...

I really liked the movie as well, and I am so glad you finally saw it. I understand Zach begged out on the first attempt with his classic excuse.."J'ai peur, j'ai des maux d'estomac". Every night with that suave gentleman is like a midnight in Paris.

Dad & Mom said...

Being Woody Allen's one time biggest fans ever ....we loved this movie and thought maybe he's getting his groove back? We just saw WarHorse today and afterwards your Dad asked which of the two I liked best? Back in the day, you and Beau would go to GMA & GPA's and we would stand in line in Westwood on opening night of every WA movie! The first movie your Dad & I ever saw together was, "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex"! The Autumn of 1972!
I say that sheepishly, Ha Ha!