Monday, January 30, 2012

I have a 58 year old mom! how cool am I?

MOM!!! - Happy Birthday to you! I love you so much! You inspire and motivate me everyday (during our 5+ phone calls) - you are super inventive, clever, ridiculously creative, a domestic diva, funny, great at making up new words and quoting poems, you send fantastic care packages (I hope you're working on my latest request), you have gorgeous eyelashes, you invented the valentine party, you offer up excellent advice, your memory is like a steel trap, you have the most bright inviting spirit, you give a good foot rub (so Jen says), you can have a conversation with anyone, you are warm and everyone that meets you loves you! I truly appreciate you. Have the best day ever!

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Anonymous said...

Zach has a 58 year old mom too!! Two cool peas in a cool Melrose pod.