Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here's a quick update on what excites me...

my embroidery sewing machine is so complicated & so beyond cool - I'm committed to learn every bell & whistle, the fabulous Jane Taylor is flying in for my 7th annual valentine party- which makes me so happy, Suzette's birthday is Monday (yay!!), Karen & Terry's garage sale this morning was very fun even though I only made $10, Patrice & Jake had their baby girl- Kenzi Miyo on Tuesday, I love Sam & Adrian's framed photo from their honeymoon, headed for flea marketing/ sls hotel brunching combo this morning my dad had surgery on Wednesday & is recovering well & quickly Jesse & Jessica bought a house in Hermosa, to lay the christmas day rumors to rest- we are not secretly married, braved the long line & tried the $4 cold fried chicken sandwich @ ink sack today & didn't love it (may have hyped it up to big in my mind), having dinner with Johonna Mia Sara & Sara tonight in Manhattan Beach, Dillan is into princesses & teen vogue arrived!

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