Wednesday, December 21, 2011

red liners

I am very cool & urban! If you doubt it for even a second, check out this documentation of my travels on the metro red line to the multiple downtown parties last saturday night! highlights include, but are not limited to: rain, worrying we were on the wrong train, lots of posing, pershing square ice skating, a party @ pierre's, steve spotting, a very nice doorman, pog juice, perch, the amazing telescope, knife consulting, yummy mussels for dinner @ church & state, katie's birthday @ tony's saloon, surprising the youth and the downtown biltmore was once the largest hotel west of chicago!! wish you were there!
FABULOUS dinner @ Church & State!
surprise!!! happy birthday KATIE!!! @ Tony's Saloon

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Anonymous said...

Red Liners. There used to be a mass transit system in LA that was the largest electric rail transport in the world..circa early 1900's. My dad used to tell me how he paid a nickle to ride the red car from downtown to Santa Monica, where he forked over another nickle to fork down a bowl of chili con carne. I stepped out of the Erwin Hotel(Venice) monday and looked down at the electric rail still buried in the old brick pavement, and drove over to the Ivy Park Substation on Venice Blvd(Culver City) to see a play. . a Mission style industrial building that used to house the power plant that provided the electricity for the first, most originial red line.