Sunday, December 11, 2011

congratulations lindsay & paul

4th street (the super cool, tight knit, family friendly,walk street where the bride grew up in manhattan beach) was transformed into a magical 350 person celebration for lindsay & paul's recent nuptials (the couple married october 7th in a private santa barbara ceremony)!!! what a fabulous soiree!

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Anonymous said...

That word caused me some embarrasment. I spent a good deal of my life saying and spelling it "Congradulations"(you know, congradulations on your graduation, etc.). I was finally corrected and realized I had made big mistakes, and had never been red penciled by a teacher for it...UCLA missed it. Then one day,young Zach said "Thilthy is not a word!!". It took the starch out of my diatribe over his messy room condition. Oh well, irregardless, he grew up to be a neat freak.