Tuesday, November 1, 2011

palm springs!

afraid our maui tans were fading fast, we made a very last minute (friday @ 3pm) plan to jag set (that's when you jet set in a jaguar) to PALM SPRINGS! we arrived around midnight after a walter drop off in oak park & an in-in-out stop in fontana! we stayed two nights at ace hotel & swim club, lounged by the pool while a dj spun records all afternoon, had some questionable lox with our bagel, learned a new a new name for san bernadino, people watched like it was going out of style, liked their ice bucket, photo boothed twice (YES, there's a photo booth in the lobby), had pastrami @ the hat, thrifted, drank champagne, wore hats, worked on our golden tans and had a lovely getaway in the desert!

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Anonymous said...

Look, I've been trying to avoid making a comment on this, but...how many outfits does this lady own??? I've seen her closet and it is puny, yet she has more apparel changes than a Cherilyn Sarkisian concert. That alluring smile of hers mocks me as I try to figure out this puzzle of space,time and fashion.