Sunday, September 4, 2011

hit the road slugs!

now that we are rid of slugs (thanks to the powers of That's It), our mini garden is back in action with new flowers & pebbles! yay!

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Anonymous said...

This blog entry on SLUGS has been recently updated! "Thats It" was changed to capitals, thus indicating a subliminal fondness and respect for this super slug slammaster that obliterates slimly garden bottom feeders (I do not like snails). The wonder ingedient is Meta, a.k.a. metaldehyde and its active agent, Snare, which for some reason encourages the slimers to engorge themselves on this toxic candy ...thus committing snail/slug suicide. A less sanitary method is tossing them into the street, and Thats About It on garden pests today.