Wednesday, September 21, 2011

have you heard?

you'll find me at richard simmons every tuesday & thursday until it's time to leave for MAUI (I am going to maui october 17th for a week to do delightful maui things & celebrate brian & danielle's 10 year anniversary!!!!!!), I heart the ship painting at escuela taqueria, know where I can find vintage glass seltzer bottles locally?, facebook's new settings seem confusing, I just got a little floral number (dress) from anthropologie, my sewing machine broke - I am still in shock, It's so lonely @ work without paige & sweeni, hillary is having a taco man @ her fall fiesta, I'm planning a baby shower for anna (my coworker) who is having identical twin boys and I saw sjp's new movie with karen (we thought it was adorable, but we are definitely biased when it comes to sjp)!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice new look for the Taylor Blog! Soothing, yet bold colors framed smartly upon a subtle scallop background pattern. In the famous Renaissance painting, Venus Rising, the bare chested beauty is seen emerging from the sea on a scallop shell..the symbol forever associated with classic Nautical Chic.