Monday, August 8, 2011

saturday was splendid!

I had an action packed cute day that goes something like this: art in the streets exhibit @ moca geffen downtown (bought tickets on grand so we walked to the front of the line), banksy, my pal mr. brainwash, life-like trash on the ground, skateboard ramp, space invader, shepard fairey, graffiti bathroom, "mom, are these people real?"), st. vincent de paul scouring, a quick mink stole picture opp @ revival, napkins @ ikea (they have the best & most inexpensive napkins), casa bianca pizza pie in eagle rock for a slice, a spin through silverlake to sunset junction (the barkeeper, army surplus - got a cool pendelton-ish blanket, reform school & people watching while enjoying limoncello mint gelato), checking in on the vintage chinese sofa we adore followed by a marathon of a show called The League"! splendid indeed!
this is the only art they didn't allow you to photograph!!
eagle rock's famous Casa Bianca Pizza Pie!
with dead mink @ revival across street from st. vincent de paul!
gelato @ sunset junction, we know how to live!
limoncello mint!

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Anonymous said...

Checking out the old treasures at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are you? The Vincentians are famous for their charity and service to the down and out; many millions helped at last count, and for this their stores draw the donated gifts of the generous and wealthy... and then there is the story of our family Saab, an old 1988 with a leaky oil pan and failing transmision that I donated to a local charity. Several weeks later Robin, Missy and I were parking in the lot at St. Vincents when I saw it there for sale at $800. The needy will need a good mechanic for that old treasure.