Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing for the first time as husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Quinn!!!!!

omg! john & rebecca's wedding was BEYOND!!
karen & meg
the scannells!
bags of lavender to throw @ the newlyweds!
the super cute flower girl wasn't too pleased - everyone started laughing which didn't help the cause!
rebecca & her father arrived in a vintage rolls!!!!!
rebecca looking GORGEOUS 
john & his TWELVE groomsmen look so happy!
mr. & mrs. quinn!!!!!
let the lavender throwing begin!
the bagpiper was a very nice touch!!!!
chicken mcnugget appetizers!
table 12!!!!
the details were fabulous!
bagby & byrne
a swell couple, terry & karen!
PJ's speech was AMAZING! It included an indigo guy (blue man group member), choir, tribute from the indigo girls & a performance of John's favorite song, "closer to fine"!!! I laughed & cried in odd spurts the entire 18 minutes! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!
meredith & yvonne
karen & meg!
karen, the gorgeous MRS. QUINN & meg!
the radical AFTER PARTY back @ hotel corque!
terry killed "purple rain"


JQ said...

Now, it's official!!! Great spread!!

Janie Taylor said...

Loved, Loved the pics! Congrats to R & J from The Taylor Family!