Wednesday, August 10, 2011

piña colada taste testing!

we've started a tradition where we hit the photo booth around the corner from our house weekly (oops, we forgot to go last week) to document our "going steadiness"! Last night we did the dishes, took a cat nap, visited avery @ sls, did a pina colada taste test (son of the gun's is the greatest), had oysters, walked a lot, made out on the streets, used the phrase "back at the house" often, mentally prepared ourselves for our saturday garage sale, laughed a lot, saw that the sticker banksy stuck @ el carmen was still there after all these months, tried to order a snack of poutine, saw our new neighborhood pal dean and ended the evening with our weekly trip to the photo booth!

1 comment:

Janie Taylor said...

Yeah! Keep up the photo booth pictures!