Tuesday, July 19, 2011

son of a gun

last week,  I walked to Son of a Gun (the new hot spot in town) for a delicious dinner (shrimp toast, oysters & chicken sandwich) & hand shaken pina coladas!! I loved everything about it- It is decorated so nautically chic & adorable. The wait was 45 minutes (it's the new hot spot for goodness sake), but time was passed @ the sls hotel. such a fabulous night on the town!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Captain chairs, nautical wall hangings, and the name of the restaurant fires up my recollection of a cryptic footnote in the archives of the Royal British Navy Museum. Seems that the navy bigwigs quietly allowed women to live on board their ships back in the old days, and a youngster born with questionable parentage was called a "son of a gun" ...gun, meaning sailor.