Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thirty five years

one wild adventure around los angeles, two days, seven photo booths, one hundred dollar bills for photo boothing, one amazing boyfriend, one chauffeur (just joking), a million laughs, two cucumber waters, a slew of hobos, three pinks hot dogs, one lottery ticket (zero winners), multiple apple juice pit stops, mas malo, one subway terminal, zero dogs to play with walter at the dog park, one blown out el camino tire, two broken photo booths, fifty repeats of an adele song (not good), three hundred facebook birthday shout outs, four crazy tacos (bacon/ shrimp & ground beef/pickle), the mexican arcade, six people in edendale grill at 11:45pm, five hundred dirty dollars in my mouth, four hats used as props, countless funny looks from innocent bystanders, two greyhounds at backstage in culver city, three limes for juggling, thirty five photo booth strips, a scoop of brown bread ice cream from scoops, one tone loc yo! mtv raps trading card (one is enough), seventeen dollars worth of bay cities deliciousness, five post cards from the cha cha lounge's super cool vending machine that I hope to get in the mail soon & a two & a half hour nap = the most perfect way to ring in my thirty fifth birthday!


Anonymous said...

Jolt! Once again, my photo blog scrolling stopped abruptly on a picture that took me back to the old days. Roy and I were the first two lead doormen at the Bel Air Hotel, and that span lasted exactly sixty years in length. Roy taught me to always wrap a couple of rubber bands around my cash roll so it wouldn't slip out of my pocket when I parked the Bentleys. He said he learned it from the Vegas veterans in the always worked like a charm, but he also said you could get robbed if you carried a large bill on the outside of the wad. Zach, put the ones on the outside like your father taught you!

Zach said...

That fifty was the closest denomination bill I had to a one in that cash roll.

Summer said...

LOVE all these pictures! They capture so much. They make me smile! Happy 35th birthday!