Sunday, June 12, 2011

my santa monica flea market birthday party!

Find Meg a $5 Birthday Present @ the Flea Market (the rules for my "nautical chic" birthday party)

The $5 price point is just a guideline and not set in stone. With that said, Meg wants me to inform you that should you wish to spend more than $5 feel free to do so!!

Teamwork is encouraged Feel free to pull your financial resources with other attendees should you find the perfect item and it is priced above the recommended $5 spend.

This is a flea market and there is the possibility that you do not find a $5 gift worthy of purchase. If this is the case do not fret you will not be judged. Better you spend the $5 on lottery tickets or a drink at the galley than junk.

Do not forget, with Meg it is never about how much you spend but how creatively you spend it.

If you were invited to this party you are one of meg’s closest friends and should have a good idea of what she will like. However, if you're drawing a blank, below are some ideas that might help you on your treasure hunt:
  • Anything Equine (that means horse related)
  • Anything monogrammed preferably with meg or an m (xtra points for mtm)
  • Metal globe coin banks
  • Maps, anatomy charts, or anything that might be found in a classroom
  • Anything nautical (after all it is the theme of the party)
  • Scrabble tiles (please try to form a clever sentence or phrase)
  • Clutch purses
  • Any literature on etiquette
  • Bad portrait oil paintings  
Please remember As with any Meg Taylor event, this is first about photo opportunities and creating content for her blog and secondly about having fun.

Beverages will be served before, after, and during the event out of the trunk of the silver jaguar in the parking lot.
We will be meeting on the back patio of the Galley 2442 main st. santa monica ca @1pm to give meg her gifts.

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