Friday, March 4, 2011

get yourself up to speed!

walter had the most expensive grooming of his little life & was informed by the groomer that he's been cut like a schnauzer up until this point (omg!)! The lady cut his tail like a carrot (so gaggy) and used the term "kicked to the curb" with regards to her boyfriend, so she's clearly questionable! Although the schnauzer news was shocking, walter took it well & plans to move forward in a very scottish terrier way!
After a trying time at the mechanic (getting me new brakes - thanks mom & dad for saving the day) last weekend, we loaded up on mussels, clams, shrimp, crab legs, cod & salmon at santa monica seafood & made cioppino for dinner!
 I'm so overly obsessed with old bay, it's not even funny!
this is the very moment that my dream of old bay became a reality!!!!
In other news: my favorite shaving cream (aveeno) is back (It's been off the drug store market for over a year)! keith richard's daughter was arrested for graffiti, I'm thinking of getting bangs, sweeni sent me a thank you note in the mail, I need an external hard drive, sam & adrian invited us over for short ribs & save the date storyboarding (such fun) and I'm participating in paige's garage sale on sunday


sarah said...

So funny, we LOVE old bay...esp on Halibut, so GOOD! You should get bangs- you look so cute with them! External hard drive is a must- we love ours! And I have that same Le Creuset pot in ORANGE, we got it for our wedding and use it all the time! Happy going steady 6 mo!

Samantha Fallon said...

Aveeno is my favorite too!!! I must have called Target every couple of weeks when they stopped distributing it. What was up with that???

Danielle said...

Just bought Old Bay myself because it was called for in a recipe. What's the hype?