Tuesday, March 22, 2011

jammed into the weekend...

crazy rain storms, altair means brightest star in the sky, matchy match mani pedi with sam, venice bungalow viewing, reel inn, I want my life to finally begin!, malibu parking lots, super full moon, salad pizza, window shopping, drinking blueberry mint lemonade, sleeping through "the fighter", testing out paperless post on danielle, alex & joy's trifecta birthday party invitation, dining @ the kogi owner's new restaurant- chego (large portions), picnic table searching (the knibb eldo is to die for), my first sip of mexican sparkling water, bel-air hotel umbrellas, car washing, ali accepted a new job, my mom's getting a new mini cooper, farmers market outing rescheduled due to rain, 80's music video painted buildings & anchovies (eeew)!

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