Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the half birthdays of my life!

DECEMBER 7th (My half birthday) ....

1991 - 15 1/2!
"My Girl" - Jon Schwerdtfeger was there, cry because I love Jon (FYI- he will never love me), James Taylor tickets go on sale, Gretzky (cat) caught 2 bunnies, teen center dance, Jason kicked me - I wonder if he likes me?

1992 - 16 1/2!
10 days 'till Winter Break, Chris & Christy broke up (I have no idea who these people are & why it upset me that they ended things!!), Hamlet NYC style in drama, Christmas shopping with dad at Topanga Mall

1993 - 17 1/2!
Got Christmas tree, off campus for lunch to Baja Fresh with Sarah & Danielle, Crucible study guide and journal, in trouble 'cause I had Mom's Amex - grounded from car, acting classes with Lois Budoff, physiology practical went alright, I think!

1994 - 18 1/2!
Write to Euthanasia men (I do remember doing a debate on the topic), pick up resume (we hired a lady to type my resume!!), Citywalk with family, give out senior pictures, David cheated on Donna (90210)

1995 - 19 1/2!
Drove to Berkeley - Rough town, Went on the BART to San Francisco. Got dream jeans at Banana Republic (I love that I thought Berkeley was a rough town & that BR has the dreamiest in denim!!)

1996 - 20 1/2!
UCSB finals are today - french, voice & movement. poem project with everyone, get new contacts

1997 - 21 1/2!
Sony - help on Foley stage, hit a car- scary gang guys, Chin Chin for dinner with Grandma & Dad, gnocchi = potato dumplings, slept on westside

1998 - 22 1/2!
Start working again - Casting Associate "Whoa, Jeez" by Larry Miller

1999 - 23 1/2!
Schaps' Lou Malnati pizza is delivered to him from me & mia, Dad told me I have to pay for my own car insurance- sucks!, Christmas Ornament exchange at work, Dido @ El Rey Theatre with Mia

2000 - 24 1/2!
email to Mia....Dear Mia, Goat Punishment is really Weezer. Love, Meg

2001 - 25 1/2!
Last day casting "High School Reunion", broke up with Marc around midnight

2002 - 26 1/2!
Farewell to Grandma lunch with Paula, Aunt Jean, Uncle Jack, Aunt Irene & Uncle David (Gma moving to Tulsa). Pick up dry cleaning, post office, Sams for BEST bagel & cream soda, organize garage, pack, paint my hammer hot pink, coffee bean, nap, will & grace

2003 - 27 1/2!
Little India with Mia - got greatest earrings ever, Got Beau & Max skull socks, Sent out Hello Kitty Christmas cards, Frank & Sara's wedding @ il cielo, once to Beverly Center & twice to the Grove

2004 - 28 1/2!
Joined Hollywood YMCA, Last UCLA elements of design class - teacher was obviously drunk, palermo pizza with Mia in los feliz

2005 - 29 1/2!
Work on Frida Kahlo art project, coin star-ed change = $28.64, mom sent me the coolest Gandhi envelopes, stopped in to see Nixon Garlock, Korean spa massage for 2 hours, watch drug addicts walk down Cahuenga Blvd, Chateau Marmont party with Mia

2006 - 30 1/2!
Took day off work to attend Tori Spelling's garage sale - stood in 3 hour line with Mia, got shells she found on her honeymoon.

2007 - 31 1/2!
Fly to Tulsa for my grandma taylor's memorial (this is when I was stuck in the ice storm for days)

2008 - 32 1/2!
dinner at jen & thatcher's house with the mcnieces!

2009 - 33 1/2!
?? no clue, but I'm sure it was FABULOUS!

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Anonymous said...

Teaching a design class can drive someone to drink in excess. Total bummer about the car insurance turnover.