Monday, December 20, 2010

I am ultra stressed (work & all my christmasing) but I just need to make it through tomorrow & then all I'll have is time!!! time to take a plane ride to Tulsa, time to babycake, time to chit chat with the insurance co about the crazy that crashed into me last week, time to finish sewing my Xmas cards & convert them into happy new years cards, time to sleep in, time to be with steve & jane, time to write thank you cards, time to watch the today show, time to answer neglected emails about hot nye plans, time to clean out my car because it looks like I live in it, time to shower, time to learn French or Spanish or get the idea, I've got some time coming my way!!


sarah said...

I would love some time to .... shower too!

Janie Taylor said...

Come to your most beloved parents and we will ask no questions and you can bask in our love and sleep as much as you want and go to as many movies as you want and have any kind of food that you want and let us hug & kiss you as much as you want and go to as many thrift stores as you want and hit after Xmas sales as much as you want and just do nothing but watch TV as much as you want.... and maybe we'll just be so happy that we are TOGETHER! Can't wait to see you Meg!