Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Highlights of my trip to Atlanta include, but are not limited to: our near flight miss, waving to the mia & gavin, the 3,000 pd man next to Adrian, Delta airplane cookies are to die for, stocking up on bliss products, major postcard hunting, who doesn't love an all glass see through shower?, chops lobster bar (part of the buckhead group) & the men's secret stripper lair, mafia man with his unbelievable wife ( giant lips, 90s attire, borderline anorexic, super tan, bleach blond extensions to her knees) & his St. Regis residing mother that looked so scared, "thank you for being here Mr. Siciliano", lobster stuffed in lobster with a fried lobster tail appetizer, delicious mashed potatoes & bread pudding, buckhead w hotel for a drink & to take in the bad bad crowd, walking on glass, vortex to meet the garlocks (looked gaggy), yelp, jimmy the bartender, phillip baltizar??, teen tampons, millionaires seeking prostitutes, crawling, $50 challenge (2nd time I failed), heated debates @ the 2nd floor bar (which seemed to be the only place in atlanta with air conditioning), poison, qrank playing @ the house of poison, serious booth issues solved by my going steady bf, pounding the mean streets of atlanta solo, military tweens & their alice in wonderland friends @ centennial olympic park, extra housekeeping tipping on certain days, no stoli or air conditioning in Atlanta, S.L., world of coca cola tour (super dorky, highly sexual coke movie, an extremely enthusiastic trivia docent who could speak many languages, what year were the Olympics in Atlanta?, how do they make it carbonated? Was there cocaine in the original recipe? Creepy polar bear, bossy photographers, carbonated beverage tasting room & the sticky floor in this room, pine nut yellow bebop & beverly from Africa), sly hints to check with the front desk to see if anything had arrived for me (best postcard ever!!!!!), Murphy's for dinner (bad seating chart, ryan seacrests fav, heavy sausage/  meatloaf, top 10 key lime pie, NBA draft mania, Ivan Allen photo shoot with Danielle, pillow posing (to be used at a later date), "put that in your journal Danielle", mad men for Halloween?, Virginia Highlands (no help from our driver Donny), key lime pies attentive service, stripped telephone booths, everyone likes my necklace, sweet meter maid, too much posing, I love you more than french fries, thunderstorms, Hand to Hand's grossest chips EVER (with blue cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles & bacon- oh goodness!!!!!), ecco with the gang for beer & heated conversations, " It's okay to cry, crying let's the hurt out...", cat feces commercial, Danielle's relationship advice, we should go to mammoth, eyelash curler hand off, more poison, marta "adventurizing", atlanta lip gloss purchases, dali exhibit, Richard's fantastic sports bar suggestions, super delicious key lime pie that looked like peanut butter & jelly?, missing danielle (she left a day early), gladys knight's chicken & waffles (friendliest servers ever), all dressed up & no where to go, hair ratting, 2 month anniversary celebrating, every street is called peachstreet, aquarium swimming for a price, many trips to the convention center, the man at the visitor center that fed me all my brilliant information, "babycaking", major delays, not boarding a plane in a reasonable time period results in checked bags (which is NOT good), bad plane movies, "you're supposed to be on my team" and the dream of italia deli!

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