Tuesday, September 14, 2010

too bad I didn't have a blog when...

I house sat GIGI the dog who had her period, when Mia & I lived in NY, when some gal hit me in the nose @ miyagis, when I broke all the rules while running for Senior Class President (I won), when margot & I went on a road trip to San Fran to see a boy & then we just made fun of him the whole drive home, when I ate poutine (fries cheese & gravy) in Toronto, when john quinn ate a handful of candy corn that I had thrown up on, when my mom made me do a lip sync performance for her before I could EVER go out in high school, when mia and I filmed a pilot for a show called "Megan & Mia lose their friends", when every single coat hanger in my closet was covered in ants, when I was in the theatre dept at UCSB wearing all black with some serious thespians learning to walk like a dog, when danielle & I drove to santa barbara after work one night - got a dog (she hates dogs) - and drove right back, when I screamed "hey hey you look like my sister!" at the top of my lungs to a guy with long hair in Hollywood, when I was cast as the old mother in "bye bye birdie" after hundreds of dollars worth of singing lessons didn't work, when I locked myself out of my apartment and the gardeners hoisted me up on their shoulders- two stories to my balcony, when danielle forced me to try out for wheel of fortune with her, when my friends and I had a public access talk show in high school (my mom was on as the garage sale lady showing off her rubber duck collection), when I chucked a wad of pennies up in the air in summer school & got detention, when I was the photographer @ danielle's wedding (what was she thinking?), when I used to live with my grandma & would get ready to go out at 10pm (she thought I was crazy!!!), when I worked for the most famous & most overtly religious african american casting director, when I called in sick with the fake excuse of having pink eye & my whole office made signs & banners saying I was a liar, when I saw martha stewart on 42nd st in NYC!, when mia jen & I did our bangs in mcdonalds bathroom using the hand dryers on the way to Napa!, when I searched for presley's after birth with danielle's brother Derek @ the hospital, when I was left for dead in pee alley, when I took manners classes where we walked with books on our heads and when my mom flushed a million slugs down our powder room toilet (they slowly crawled right back up)!!!

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