Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my friday - tuesday

mixed metaphor central, unsolicited positive feedback from strangers on the street means we're super cool, color commentary mma parties at the garlocks, sweaty smelly richard simmons skin, the largest greyhound ever, SLS house car pick ups & drop offs (ultra fancy), "did you really think I would let you walk?", adrian's 30th birthday party, forced to drink espresso after a botched drink ordering, justin bieber & virgina madsen (she has a kid with antonio sabato jr.) sightings, burger splitting, in bed by 9:30pm, hicksville plans (the trailer with the bathroom??), manly clothes left at my house, parental meetings on the side of the road in downtown LA, nickel diner bacon donuts are not as delicious as donuts from portland but a close 2nd so far, Canters with adrian & sam for the most delicious breakfast ever, four towns and four groups of people, the uhaul lady/ man who pulled up next to us while we were at a light & said some very wise & true words, purple four loko kills children, long beaching for babies, the hooter hider success story, abba-zaba gelato, the only car with 50 police on 2nd street, powell's sweet shoppe, sea monkeys & hello kitty lip gloss, Lola's birthday party & the 6 hours after, bouncy jumping, the white Rick Fox & his gordons, do you think those kids have the same dad? gumbo, showing jen my goods, disneyland scandal stories, walter needs to brush his teeth, devil's night drive in tickets have been purchased!, an eeehhhhhh day, lasagna parties without eating any lasagna or world famous garlic bread, my jeans don't have enough stretch to do what I need to in them, and of course - ed hardy perfume peddler spray offs!

espresso-ing at the sls for adrian's big birthday!
jen & meg post birthday party madness

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Janie Taylor said...

Because of your blog I checked out Hicksville and it sounds like so much fun! I want to try "bacon donuts" now desperately! Do you remember driving over the hill to San Pedro for Tommy's famous burgers when we lived in Palos Verdes? And... last but not least & more importantly, what exactly did you mean when you showed Jen the "goods"???