Tuesday, September 7, 2010


cold bananas, jamming my clothes in the closet (I wish I didn't love this technique so much), kim's text about what they're "thinking about", personalized stationary, the fact that my union jack pillow is waiting for me at mia's house, being so giddy & excited, stretchy belts, the addition of richarding on Tuesday nights, shayna's horseback riding victorian boots, partial sunsets on the boardwalk, leather moroccan poufs (I really think I need at least one), chopinyjjhaszrwwelsjh, people that change to unlimited text just because they know ME, 11th grade, waiting an hour for an outside table with good company, french fries, I love anything ending in ING, knowing I'm already scooped, brian's strict 9am - 6pm phone rules, abandoned "men's items", going steady and I love this Mise en Place super utilitarian kitchen work table/ makeshift island!!!

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