Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eleven years in the making!!!

eleven years ago TODAY, mia & I were youngsters living it up in NYC!!
mia discovered the upcoming artist DIDO while at a record store's listening station (remember those?). She bought the cd & I insisted we listen to it on our ghettoblaster night and day & while we slept, which I'm certain she didn't love! we learned Dido would be playing at the bowry ballroom & we immediately bought tickets to see her! we locked down our standing space in the venue & waited for her future husband to show up out of thin air! soon enough a handsome young Brooklyn-ite befriended us, invited us to a party he was dj-ing & the rest is HISTORY!!!! happy eleven yearer!
ahhhhh the memories! sharing a mattress on the floor, attending bible study with JB-K, rock lobster the pigeon, fat andrew on the roof, handcuffs, being cool because we knew how to drive, pee alley, ranch 1 sluts, summer of sam, the english patient, dahli lama speech, talking in tongues, all the hot dog carts in NYC were stored under our apt, special k, broccoli pizza, "walking like a dog", almost being accosted by meanmarcello, driving the Staten Island ferry, Hamptons- the lady who thinks her dog is her reincarnated mom, Guggenheim museum regulars, perdiem, have you been saved?, tacos on a stick w/ green rice, dinner w/ ll cool j & babyface


Anonymous said...

Ah, the english patient and matress on the floor! hahaha, love those memories! J

Gaivn said...

The time goes by too quick, but when you have a baby it all slows down again. These girls shared a mattress but not in a normal way. They slept width wise so that half their bodies was always off the mattress and on the floor. There was a foldout couch in the next room too! Marcello wasn't that mean.
We need to go to Vibes again. I'm pretty sure that's the night Mia fell in love.

Anonymous said...

wow.. gaivn.. awesome, it's Korean.