Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 days in venice

I would like to personally thank the ultra strange 112 degree Los Angeles heat as it gave me a clever excuse to retreat to my bf's beach house and celebrate 1 month of going steady 2 days in a row! 1 month of steadiness means you get to split a very delicious hamburger @ hinano, open the BEST presents EVER (seriously ever), watch mad men, play with plastic horses, ride elevators, drink greyhounds & limonata, take up tennis, comb the streets with your dog & chit chat with the cute kid that is a fantastic hustler, eat salad pizza under the stars, go to a horrible bar for a birthday party & still have an amazing time because of your good company, hang out on the boardwalk @ 5am, hear hobos threaten to kill old ladies, learn about dog theft & see battle wounds! going steady is simply the best!


Anonymous said...

someone needs to get you a fancy camera, these photos are making me feel nauseous.

hub of the house said...

I'm sorry my hipstamatic photos make you so sick. I'll try to be better!