Sunday, August 8, 2010

parental travels

my parents are leisurely making their way to ME! They're road tripping & stopping in albuquerque (where my mom grew up & my parents met), the grand canyon (jane is super excited about this one) & las vegas! word on the street is they're having a blast on their journey! I'm overjoyed because these people are staying for TWO WEEKS!

they went on a hot air balloon ride in new mexico!
when my mom got in the car at the beginning of their travels, there was a beautifully wrapped gift sitting on top of her suitcase. she decided not to open it until sunset on the third day at the grand canyon!! a bunch of tourists crowded around as she opened this marc jacobs purse she'd been pining for! nice work dad!

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Lindsay said...

Your parents are too cute! (And the pics make me excited because I'll be making some of those same stops on my journey out there in a couple weeks!)