Sunday, August 22, 2010

covert secret code best explains my weekend...

let the coding begin:  
hay (please note I'm standing in a historic estate with hay covering the floors in the above photograph), where is oak park again?, "would you feel bad if my head went through your windshield?", second floor sneak offs, fish stew (with a days worth of prep behind it), bartles & james in a solo cup (if this was the only thing that happened all weekend it would still make me chuckle), the delightful crocodile hunters, thank goodness no parents will be disowned,  lobster gnocchi, overalls, meeting my mother-in-law (thanks holly for being so to the point), the cute old lady brushing her teeth at the pedestal sink, a pirate sighting, many curly mustaches, extensive antler speak, peaches galore, alcoholic hands, "I've seen better Buddhist statues" says the wayward studier to the second floor sneaksters, lots & lots & lots of "lotting", crumpled cash may be easily lost,"touch this" demands, ribs & corn on the cob, chivalry is not dead is the understatement of the year, no sleep, hitching rides from parents, can you recommend a good framer?, "I haven't formed an opinion", I only like janice moreland's tomatoes, the things that happen @ car washes when no one is looking, the weirdos in my neighborhood, "I am so nervous but in a good way", apple man door, positive feedback, the galley, plastic slotted serving spoon key chains, greyhounding, no one cares if you have purple teeth, turnstiles, I wonder if my dukes of hazzard skills are good?, breakfast @ the hot (is that what it's called?), ukulele performances, "super sloucher" with a slouchy silhouette, catherine keener talk, street cleaning in cute rainboots, no lottery wins, beverly hills hotel wallpaper, I can talk marble with the best of them!, no party is complete without a didgeridoo or an electric flute, I finally know where obama acquired his fist bumping skills, car day (tire, headlight & a wash), beet salad parfait, too many creepy porcelain statues, the coolest turquoise fridge ever, ridiculous amounts of fun, pockets full of quarters, white linen suits upstage everyone, van color conversation, sensible shoes, from ornery & miserable to smitten, a different take on eggplant parmesan, baseball bat buying, plastic pigs on cappuccino machines, the quest for white walls, generous avocado amounts, keyboards in bath tubs, super cool cell phone holsters & man clogs, cuff links, disneyland silhouettes, the excitement that is my union jack pillow arriving (thanks mia), the quality of the people that put their kids names under stick drawings on their cars, my very own secret blog!!!!, power naps, dog the bounty hunter,  thrift store ensembles, the elusive "clutch closet", my goosebumps when I mistakenly thought shayna was engaged, italian music videos with my mom, sun in palm springs?, my ghetto door, chicken leg handling, the $3 painting hand off, keep calm and carry on, my new dream of a butcher shop internship, more sls-ing, monkey stencil, even more "stooping", hardwood floors are for dogs unless you like gashes, starbucksing, caffe latte is not the way we remembered it at all, estate saling, my new gold cameo bracelet, there was almost a dance party in a dead lady's pink living room, the hipster band @ the hay party, meal splitting just might be the way to go, football helmet/ cowboy wallpaper rocks!, the age old question - play up on varsity or stay with the kids your own age on j.v.?, I don't like my hamburgers pink, double dating, chocolate pop rocks & their lasting power, fruit tea for everyone!, the necessity of two dinners in one night (it's no fourth meal like in NYC but it was impressive), creepy restaurant owners, hand shaking tactics learned on cnn, my 2nd corsage (still super dreamy) & the questions it brings - "is that a real flower? are you going to press it in your scrapbook? are you going to prom?", portland, can you take bacon donuts through airport security? The discovery of 20 yrs worth of liver hiding under a table, some people like detention and dreams of golf & dandruff!

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