Friday, July 30, 2010

nyc day 3

mets vs. cards, multiple subway mishaps, falling out of chairs, letterman sightings, central park, ice cream, random acts of kindness = free iced tea for me, saltines, sweat streaming down your legs, horse carriage attacks, keith richards daughters & that embarrassing story, la esquina double bust, paper bags, weird pub dinners, greyhounds, the city that never sleeps sure goes to bed early, walk of shames, lost in the subway, citi field, the hot dog bun was stale not toasted, client bonding, music is God's work, 4th meal, rompers are the key to a nice trip, good guy pete, fashion shows, curling iron malfunction, please can we change our clothes?, campbell apartment, broccoli & grandma  pizza, my arm in every photo, cafe select, no more employees only, street wandering & dream hotel rooftop views!

1 comment:

sarah said...

I can't get over how Brian looks like a wee young lad in that photo-maybe ummmmm 14 yrs old - TOPS? so funny!