Wednesday, July 28, 2010

nyc day 1

Brian & Danielle invited me to tag along on their trip to nyc (a business trip for him). Feeling very comfortable as their third wheel, I was happy to oblige! I flew virgin america with Brian's delightful coworkers on Sunday morning. We all showed up @ LAX wearing sunglasses @ 5am (our love of sunglasses @ inappropriate times instantly bonded us). Upon our 2pm touchdown @ JFK I got a text from Danielle that there was a problem with her reservation (which she had just worked out) & they wouldn't be joining us until 10pm. The boys instantly assured me they had my back for the eve, so I threw my bag in their room & we took the town by storm! We had such a fun time - Drinks @ the W Hotel, black spaghetti & champagne @ Mario Batali's Babbo, dachsund walking, westsides @ Employees Only with the former venice boys & meeting up with their team! Eventually, B&D joined us for 4th meal @ Cafeteria & drinks at a bizarre irish pub!

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