Monday, July 5, 2010

downtown LA fourth of july!

I dodged some hobos in an alley, was flagged down by a bikini-clad paige at the corner of spring & 6th, rode the elevator to the penthouse and entered a 5 level loft filled with today's youth to celebrate fourth of july on a downtown rooftop! highlights include but are not limited to: a bunch of people trying to lure me into a hot tub, ping pong, grilling, splashing & water guns, american flags galore, suspenders, people falling down stairs (thank goodness there was a dr. at the party), a keg (I told you it was the YOUTH of america), intense NYC vs. LA debates, spontaneous make outs in corners (I was not involved), flashing (I was still not involved), a dance party, fireworks, too many towels, stories from paige's mexico trip, plotting (I was involved), red, white & blue-ness and good clean youthful fun!

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Unknown said...

good times were definitely had by all!