Friday, July 16, 2010

eat up, dog.

I have finally made it!!!! BIG TIME! My dream of "earning" a free bag of dog food just came true! If you buy 9 bags you get the 10th free (or something like that) - well, walter is super picky and enjoys vomiting and other lovelies so I have had to switch brands many times in his (almost) year and a half life & needless to say, my dream of buying the same 9 bags had never been in reach. WELL, I had totally forgot/ given up on about my free bag until my coupon arrived in the mail yesterday - GOOD FOR ONE FREE BAG OF NUTRO!!!!! YAY!!! I never thought the simple things like free dog food would excite me so much! My darling Walter turns a 1-1/2 on the 25th (the day I leave for NYC)!!!

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