Sunday, June 13, 2010

blah blee blah blah blah

do I qualify as vain for wanting to hire a photographer to go birthday horseback riding with us & get all the good shots? I have a new pen pal and this time he's not in prison (j/k fools), GET READY GIRLS - I'm currently spray painting, sewing & assembling birthday goodie bags for YOU! I've done more sit ups in the last 2 months then in my whole life! bananas are best after they've been chilled in the fridge, Danielle is brushing up for next weekend by riding a horse in Hawaii - so she's sure to be PRO!

I love my new pink & hot pink giraffe print beach towel courtesy of Catherine! The secret to everything is glitter mod podge! It's startling when a cute red anthropologie kitchen timer goes off - even if you set it! a drugged up homeless clubber asked Walter if he likes Katy Perry! why must it be so COMPLICATED? usually when my mind goes blank the word ROBOT flashes before me and I realize that's weird! I wish I had my blog when I went to the gay rodeo (believe me you should wish this too)! I can't believe I lived without a nameplate necklace for 34 years! 


KSwiss said...

How did you get by without that necklace. How are any of us getting by?????????

hub of the house said...

karen! you're next!!!