Sunday, June 27, 2010

meg in malibu

It was a beach day for me at surf rider yesterday! I was sandwiched in between the teen surfers and got a kick out of their conversations and lingo. When I was in high school, surf rider beach was where all the calabasas kids went to surf and where I did most of my sun bathing because I always tagged along with my high school boyfriend & his friends!
apres-beaching, I met up with danielle, brian & the kids for a fun lunch at cafe habana at the new malibu lumber yard. we were all bummed that mia, gavin & dahlia couldn't make it! I've been dying for cafe habana to open on the west coast since mia & I were regulars at their original NYC location!
Danielle & Meg - the bright yellow flower Sara gave me for my birthday was the perfect cafe habana accessory & I felt very cuban!
Their corn on the cob is still the BEST!

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Brooke and Peter said...

i love that top picture of you! my favorite.