Monday, May 31, 2010

malibu memorial monday!

despite the 2 hour drive, a nasty & persistent killer bee, tar, sandy eyes, cuts from the rocks, hot sand, camarillos, dogs and the death defying cliff climb, the garlocks & I met up at county line for the most fun beach day EVER! It really was such a great day!Danielle & Meg! - we like to do most of our sunning together!
While McCartney and I were doing some serious bonding, I invented a brilliant new nickname for her, CECE!!! cute, right?I flirted with boogie boarding...
and some ford's FIRST trip to the beach!presley (about to lose her front tooth) & tay tay freezing!we topped off the day by walking across PCH to neptunes net for shrimp & chips, motorcycles, beer and people watching!

Nixon, Danielle & Presley!

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